Both sites went down for some reason this morning, leaving zero time to post a great deal. Visited A. Sauvage Homme yesterday and bought this bomber. His new shop opened last week on Maddox. Its very stylish in there. Proclamations from the designer on the wall... hang on, is he not a designer? So hard to tell, best watch film (click). Also very convincing tailoring with specific verve, chic chinos, the lot.

Am a fan of Sauvage tailoring and have written as much in the FT and that. The casual outter-wear is a new thing do me. Simply had to get involved. Sauvage was in shop the himself. Am a fan. Love a performance stylist. He was busting the moss green version of the suede bomber. This jacket reminds me so, so much of one I used to wear in 1987, except more chocolatey, not fawn. The seaming is vastly better though and the shape is 'racy' if I dare say that. Was wearing greasy ghille Doctor Martin's shoes and vintage Levi's 501 at this point in Eighties, with a Mozza/Dean quiff. Very 'art student in waiting'. Bomber was £80 and marked beginning of new era, best wedge ever spent, almost. Sauvage was wearing black 10 hole Martins when I saw him, and ripped 501s. Goes around comes.. aw... so much to bang on about, so little time.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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