So when was working on style stuff today found these two brilliant suede jackets in Matches. Bought 'em both (note neither for self). The A.Sauvage (click) one has disappeared from the site as I suppose it was the last one, hence no image. The Ami (click) version is very good, but not as pert and cheeky as the Sauvage number. Ami is a Parisian brand (click) that's rightly receiving much attention at mo'. Back into the leather/suede age debate.. I reckon these do-able at forty. See future issue of Sunday Times Style for real low down. Anyway, the whole working thing means was swayed from the next LFW post had in mind. Am dreadfully sorry. Shortly to get on train to the North to look at more greyhound style dogs. Am sincerely gonna try and get LFW ironed out on way up the country. Really I am.

TS out.