Bless the young types. This one goes straight in, no hello, or any salutation at all, just deadpan list of what he's wearing. Treats it like a no-frills sartorial Stop&Search. Actually, might have to patent those. SSAS's. This is an espresso Style Stance from the youth division. Liked Jamals jacket-pant-snaffle quotient, but also liked fact that from when first spotted Jamal he'd additionally accessorised as mood changed. Fluid stuff. Take it away Jamal.


-Topman Design double breasted jacket (click). Is described as striped on web site, but it's not, it's a grainy mix fibre effect. That sort of fabric is right on money as it goes. Cotton, polyester and viscose in fact. Not bad price, but don't think it include strides, which is mean. Topman Design does stylishly led, affordable tailoring for the young constructivist.

-Skinny olive chino, Topman again, I think.

-Vintage Gucci snaffle loafers, I'd venture but not sure.

-Vintage scarf and pocket square. Paisley? Pah! It's not paisley Mr. J cautioned.

Stubbs out.