While in action in Switzerland last week only managed to spot a couple of decently turned out style merchants. Young Millar was one. Perhaps too dark for clarity, but did want to capture his silhouette at least against the Basel night. Millar does for a living, hence assured classic stance. Interesting that as one of the modern arbiters of 'correctness' he elects to fasten suit jacket over a vest. No hanging offence for sure, and while heartening to see rules distorted by the establishment, does slightly defeat whats so agreeable about three-piece format. Meanwhile the vigour in which the new wave of style journos mix up their labels with the high street is most refreshing. Taxi zum fluss bitte!


-Jaegar actual camel hair overcoat is dead nice, with pert shoulders and wider lapels. Visit site as their tailored outer-wear is on sale right now, some good bits (click).

-Reiss three-piece suit (click, not quite the same suit mind) in herringbone dark charcoal grey. Double zeitgeist action, both grey and with trad-texture. Full marks. Reiss suiting is good and worth considering.

-Grenson oxblood brogues. Everyone loving a Grenson, right (click).

-Cos roll neck with silk mix. Roll necks might be too too overground soon perhaps. Millar and I were sat on the same flight home looking like odd knitwear uncle and nephew later in week.

-Specsavers bins.

-Rolex carrier bag. Doesnt do what it says on the outside. Good year for Roley as have mentioned.

I would put some images up but am rather busy this morning.

Stubbs out.