It's been fully blown retail frenzy out in The Metropolis this week thus far. Found self in Topman's lofted personal schlepping salon while sourcing a catering sized batch of skinny chinos. The lads up there are sharp, lively-so-&-so's, they're looks often notable. Mr.Green (not Jnr. nor Prof) always runs a clipped ensemble about town, flaunting rules of the establishment and juxtaposing stories like it ain't no thing. That's the young for you, fearless not clueless. This upright number is almost Mick Talbot/Young David Coulthard  staring in Sleuth remake set on a Whitstable long weekend. Gotta dig be digging that scene, no?


-Topman Design or Ltd. double breasted jacket, seen before on here, is obviously a big piece this Spring (click)

-Riess le-espadrilles (leather espadrilles)- cant find similar on site, still worth visit though (click)

-Topman Skinny-Clarkson wash. Retro Nineties worn skinny jeans. Ones found on site are almsot Wham! skinnys, not JC's (click). Defo for the young.

-Charvet polka dot pocket square . Charvet's site is utterly brilliant (click), dont think they're too, too bothered about e-commerce. Can buy it off Mr.Portly though (click)

Charvet pocket square
Charvet pocket square

-Paul Smith striped almonds. Yup, stripes.

-Margiela button-down shirt in micro-oxford sort of fabric. Cant find on site (click) for their shirts though.

They mix it up nice those kids, don't they?

Big Sir Philip was on his way up, so I got out of there. He's good mates with Business Mouse. Know who I mean? (click)

Stubbs out.