Shot today with JW (click). Went well I thought. Liked the model. A cross between Alain Delon and a young Steve Coogan, except Welsh. 'Je suis Alain Perdrix, ah-ha?' Anyway, best not queer my pitch with client by revealing images and that, plus JW has all the ones that have actually been lit properly. Look, I used a 'cardigan'. I've seen people wearing them like that under tailoring and thought 'what the flip, I'd have a go'. My flash set the lights off one time and produced this over exposure. It also burnt all the fur off the dog.

We put it out, but it wasn't too, too lively by they time we had. Poor thing. Liked that studio. 'The Old Shoe Factory' in E9, off Morning Lane, just round corner from Railroad. Hope to go back on all levels. The girl of the house spent the morning preparing berserkly good Turkish lunch for crew. No desert though. Had to send a boy out for tarte au citron. It can be a tough game unless you take control.

TS out.