Some systems are down. Really getting on my wick. Whole half morning spent on bone, this time its Canon, bless em. Not their fault Slapple/Microsnot are evil. Sod it, going to town for press days. Hope this reversible fur coat works as some sort of distraction for few hours. It worked okay for scone-boy here.

Fur, hide, leather with fur, its all gonna be a thing I swear it. This is Brioni again, right? Today is Prada, Church's, TAG Heuer, Holland&Holland, all sorts. The list goes on..

Meanwhile am now late, thus angry. Take an editorial risk and posting a Stubbs stance. Since it got cold again, got back into my Kilgour Donegal tweed. This isn't todays look, but its first time had access to it, its from Thursday, due to camera crisis. Might even run it again for continuity. Note chocolate brown Miller's by Mr.Hare, Hermes square, Tom Ford liver-spot bins. Note also quite high auto-timer/pillock quotient, but only just considered this MO now. Ridiculous face pulling appears unavoidable in showing self-shot outfit.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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