Baroness Mingay took me out the back passage of her New Bond Street gaff on Thursday. Didn't know there was one or that it lead onto Cork Street Mews. There a splayed group of break-time tab merchants was in full effect.

Behind Ralph Lauren, haute jewellery shops, art galleries and so, so near Cecconis yet still hidden, people are taking a quick hit. Kitchen staff, restaurant bods and shop workers getting their snout-on amongst the bikes and scooters. Couldn't quite get a shot off that captured it, or that made it look remarkable, but it was a surprising vista compared to the other side of the buildings. The richest bit of the poshest street, with its slow walking membership, its lofted local human traffic, and its intrepid luxe-tourists, all in full colour. The cigarette crew were in black and white, stock still. Their multi-lingual banter and blue-grey exhaust clouds were the only things that moved. Inactivity and nicotine are their temporary mono-chrome luxuries.

TS out.

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