Look at this guy. Lost in grey colorama. The lost good-looking lawyer Gibb brother from The Seventies. Bless him in his Brioni three piece check whistle. We've all been there. Here's another one we all know: Apple misadventure. Done proscribed/enforced upgrade on my Mac to Fairy Lion. Now nothing works. Word don't work. Mac doesn't know my camera anymore. Doesn't wanna work with my invoice template, all that shite. Even the slidey things at the side of documents have gone all weird and etherial now. Can't quite grasp them. They really needed that upgrade, thanks Microscoff.  Not to worry though, as when the big iCloud thing comes, that special day, all will be fine in the world.. it's rather a lot like a cult, no? iClown and Dandy-Lion more like. iWankers.

It's all another excuse to not work. Am currently not working now, but want to get this up and then can perhaps engage somehow. Managed to write yesterday for the first time this week because I was captured on the Hammersmith & City line heading West. Managed to get thirty whole mins done just cause couldn't do anything else. The relief was massive. Here's the rest of the riveting day in bullets. Went West London to Spencer Hart design HQ. LFW show is gonna be off the hook chic. Fact. Went Brioni on Bruton Street and was given one, one mind, miniscule scone. Looked at the gear. Is stuff to report, but refuse now as camera not being recognised and want to use my additional shots. Then went to Mr. Hare's warren in Rochelle school and did interview him. Christ that was good/easy in comparison to other similar. Can remember everything he said without the dictaphone, cause it was interesting. Mr. Hare interview coming soon to The Rake FYI.

Its on the tip of my tongue. Er..oh yes.. BRING ME MORE SCONES.

That's it, bar the nice girl upstairs depositing a dozen chocolate and blue/silver glitter (almost Ziggy) cupcakes in my fridge. Can't post picture cause there are already too too many pictures of cupcakes on the internet. Desperately trying to get piece done been kicking round all week. Would have helped if the best bit of the interview transcription wasn't when my lip inexplicably began bleeding on a tea cup. That's quite dull. Oh, and then there's the deportation of the squirrel hoard. The Clapton Four as they've been dubbed. Did I mention that? Oh, well its done. It's all rather illicit, like being a rodent Fritzl for a spell. Regardless, here's some more Brioni to see if can get old man Ferragamo rattling his Vic20. Look Bryan! A shoe. Do you like the shoe Bryan? Sick 'em Bryan, Sick 'em...

Stubbs out.

PS. For those who didn't get the title, I dislocated my Mac, see, then I been all over town. Geddit?

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