"Pocket squares are the new tits" Jo-Ann Furniss said last year in Man About Town* issue No.14. She was talking about men's mags obsession with pocket handkerchief stuff. Nineties was tits, now its pocket squares. Think that was the thrust of it. Am probably one of the hype men on this pocket based issue. 'Keep on collecting' is the way to make yourself fully pocket articulate. Vintage and obscure is best. Variety's what ya need to do pocket style with any verve. Saw these pocket adornments at Versace and Prada on Wednesday.

There was a half eaten scone on the display when I first saw this, but couldn't shoot it time before it got whisked away. Shame. Raspberry decorated. Really like this guilt ribbon, flash prefect medal pocket decoration. Pimp my breast pocket ethic.

All the stuff protruding from the pockets of the Prada coats was interesting. Badges and emblems fashioned from twentieth century symbols of masculinity such as American football helmets, little coloured leather wallets, as well as tinted glasses, pins and bits of clothe. That AW12 show was monumental. More.

Us fellas haven't got much to mess about with without getting a rep' for cross dressing/coming like a fashion student, so the pocket envelope is one we should be pushing. Put your stamp on a look and post something leery today.

Stubbs out.

* Have got an article in the next issue of Man About Town, don't I. Have a look at their TV thing for a weird jolt if you fancy (click)

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