Tuesday I saw an image of an effigy of Prince William being burnt in Argentina. Not the worst looking effigy, but still not that good. Think there should be an effigy making course one can do on line. It would really help this sort of thing to work on visual level. The Mae West lips are a mistake. The eyes are too round, and they really missed a trick with the ears and nose not being big enough. It could have been so, so much better executed.

Meanwhile back in The (vaguely) United Kingdom, I saw some really well executed menswear. A Valentino black leather trench and bib-front dress shirt were two highlights. There were others. The trench looked mad-good on.

Berluti's new clothing line was excellent close up. More of that when get a moment, including the upgraded Andy loafers. Trussadi reminded me that the Trussadi show was amazing. Wide lapels, low notch. Interviewed Barry Tullip from Gieves later on. He's doing lapels a bit like that. Will get back on all this (see black/choc db pinstripe). Would really like to write about what actually happened, but dont think can right now. Too tired, too much is entre nous, and some of it damn-right unwritable. Bugger. This is of course no use to you. Er. How about a pair of green shoes? They're the new Andys. Shooting tomorrow. This is really iffy coverage. Will consider how to remedy.

To sum up, Argentinian protestors must try harder with their effigy work. I must pull finger out on making lucid product conclusions.

Stubbs out.

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