As a fashion stylist there's two things you've gotta learn. One is to say 'key' about stuff quite a lot, often about 'pieces' (means items of clothing). The other is the ability to carry a whole ton of bags at once. The images are key pieces seen over last 24 hrs, particularly textural ones.

Brunello Cucinelli casmere shawl collar dress suit (clicko)

Yesterday was leaving yard with a ton of bags. A whole style-days worth of baggage. Stuff for everyone/everything: matey off the telly (five suits, key accessories and a bag of new, utterly-key chinos), Jimmy Choo returns from JW's video shoot, some trouser alterations for self (must go narrower), also for self pair off-key green Berluti's planning to have changed to inky blue/black and my skimpy Dunhill brief case.

Carven fleck pants (click)

Briefly returned through first door as forgotten one last thing to pick up: my phone-ear piece. This might have been straw that naused the camel's mission into town. Shut second door behind self using teeth on one bag/toe on the door knob combo, only to realise door/car keys sticking out of inner door lock. Instant lumber. No keys, no car, maximum lumber. Then began to rain. Properly rain.

Paul Smith waffly peak label overcoat thing (you know him)

Was most liberating to dump almost entire haul with my man Seymour the mechanic round corner on Cricketfield. Him and his dread-mechanic pals laughed at my plight and enquired what I'd got from Jimmy Choo. Explained Dermot's suits wouldn't fit any of them as I left whole lot with them. Only took his chinos and my case and got on 38 bus.

Ami check tweed jacket and vest (clicki)

Found pedestrian peace on 38. Without car could only abort almost all missions. The 38 trundled and I thought long about time, missions and what life was all about. How it can be derailed in a trice by a bad move. Fragile plans. Stuck on bus with no book and no music. Lost so much time, could only barely attend Brunello Cucinelli press day at The Baroness's gaff where I shot the delightful cashmere shawl collared dress suit at top of page. Other key pieces are from Wednesday's key Matches press day. Utterly key.

Carven zip cable knit (click).

On foot got so thoroughly drenched bag of chinos disintegrated into Papier-mâché and fragmented on trench coat. Was actually great sympathy prop for late arrival at matey's Mansion. Wet and covered in detritus is a look. Meanwhile, did discover the magnificence of the C2 bus route for W1 to Primrose Hill, should that be needed ever. Hail Bus Checker, my one and only app. Could not bring self to moan as drenched with Papier-mâché accessories on a steamy bus is how the world rolls most of the time. Was actually quite a spiritual jolt in many ways. If could only take one thing with when leaving drum, it would be Oyster card, right? And keys maybe.  That's it, other than iPhone with Bus-Checker, and a Burberry trench. And an umbrella, from James Smith & Sons if raining really hard. Oh I do adore the simple life. Off to Seymour's to see how they're all wearing Dermot's suits down the Chatsworth Road...

Stubbs keeping it key and at peace with Oyster.

Mr.Rick Tailor tweed overcoat (click)

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