This is a brief one (gonna try and get the hang of those). Went Louis Vuitton yesterday to look at Kim Jones's first fully blown menswear collection (or is it his first Autumn Winter one?) . Regardless, have to say the boy's having a nice time in Paris it would appear. Some really very good bits and pieces going on. Will report in, but for now the silk Kimono style suit they showed was amazing. Such a brilliant silk fabric shot with texture and that, made in the way that Kimono's are, or something, all hand stitched and crispy. Cut and styling is also fantastic (for the mannequin).

Kimono finishing.

The fabric is like a very high end, Japanese version of the slubby stuff was talking about in the FT, right? Cut is quite Bowie on Soul Train in places, like the lapels, sort of. Maybe fantasising a trifle there...just looked at him doing Fame. Its not really the same, but Dave would have done it justice perhaps.

10 Silk Cut please.

Meanwhile, thinking of having hair done like this: Fibre-glassed over. Could be a look, no? Shooting with matey off the telly today and am gonna test the Chester Barrie out. A three piece has frisson of Bowie's Soul period about it too. Maybe.

Stubbs out.

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