Steve Coogan's look for his new film King of Soho in which he plays Paul Raymond works very well on him. Its strong as we say occasionally say in fashion. Its the hair, tache and big bins quotient that is so potent. And the fact that he does shifty mentalist so very convincingly.

There's also a lot to be said for a fur coat and a mad Seventies barnet. Am quite envious cant bowl round like that at moment. Maybe one can? Coogan always does these stances with such aplomb.

The real Raymond is below. Going Soho later. Might rustle something up in similar vein. Might not. This isn't finished by any means but gotta go and view some squirrel traps and pick up a gallon of soap. Did I mention my drains backed up? Really took the edge off my pain au raisin/espresso yesterday morning. First the rat, then the drains. What next, pestilence?

Initially thought liquid loft insulation coming up from under the gravel. Odd. Then the horrid truth dawned. I knew Clapton was up and coming, but I had no idea it was already such an effluent area.

Stubbs out.