Was out last week, looking at stuff, as you know, and some of the most exciting bits saw were the Trussadi tailoring and outer wear in leather trimmed with fur. Its gonna be a thing, men dropping a bit of fur trim that is. Its a big old Seventies thing, as are smart leather coats too. Its all rather interesting if you ask me.

Looked pretty good in their show. Their show was excellent, as good as anything in Milan. Prior to the show managed to over do the plotting up at Baglioni cigar bar just long enough to have to watch the thing through the shop window along with the civilians. Serves one right. Note. Matey below always gets his cigar and never peers through shop windows.

It was all based on Seventies Formula 1, apres race chic. Very keen on broad pin/chalk-ish strip tailoring worn flash and leery, as it were, instead of conservative and old guard-ish. This piece wasnt in show. Takes balls to leave that out. The look above is brilliant though. Really fancy the suit. Am going to devise shoot that involves this gear.

Leather trenches are looking double good too. There was a period in the Seventies when smart hooligan thugs wore them. Shall research images and get back. This is worth developing. Below is that Valentino trench again. Valentino collection also double good.

Much more to say on subject. Was with pal yesterday whose Dad is portrayed in the King Of Soho film with Raymond. He was his editor for years. Talk of his wardrobe was pretty fascinating too. Work is pressing now however.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis, heading for Delaunay (click), to meet and meat some fur.

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