Have had an idea for a new franchise on here:  'Stylish Procrastination of the Week'. SPW for short. (Not to be confused with The Socialist Workers Party. This is in fact more like The Socialist Shirkers Party, anyway, I digress). Today am working, obviously, on pressing deadline for Telegraph and that, but simply cannot help dealing with a couple of pressing matters of interior style that have been nagging on my mind. Know what I mean?

Todays SPW is hall lighting. Am planning to do that whole austerity-chic lighting thing all down my windey hall, yeah? All bare old-fashioned cable and brass fittings. A line of four, then a line of two is this idea. The gaff to go to for that gear is appropriately named Historic Lighting (click). Thing is, theres quite a few configurations that could work. Ordered one of everything, and gonna take it from there.

They've got a whole collective of what they're calling Urban Cottage Industries going on up there in The North (click). The whole scheme sounds great, and am almost certain it has nothing whatsoever to do with cottaging, right fellas?

Pretty convinced by the burgundy woven cable, but not sure which ceiling rose to go for. Depends on a few other factors. Still, when batch of singles arrives will take it from there. There, that killed an hour and three quarters. Cool.

Gotta love a bayonet fitting, no? While we're talking in terms of twisted cords...

"Hey bayo, bayo, bayo-nets.."

sing "Hey, bayo, bayo-bayonets..." take it away Malcolm..

Stubbs out.

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