It's press days at the mo'. It's all for AW12, FYI, right? Went to the Moschino press day. Good to see some archetypal Moschino Love (formally Jeans) gear in effect. Brought back memories. The Mosch' sample sale used to be a seriously important bi-annual date in the fashion diary for Stretch & I. Talking a decade plus ago when I was into the off-key Moschino madness and similar. I never wore the print suits though. Oh no. Thats a UK garage look. The Mac with the Mickey Mouse hands on the outside was my favourite Mosch' piece ever. Semi-casual outerwear was always a strong suit here. And mad sporty bits. Their runway shows can be dead good too. Frequently underrated and misjudged.

Like the little scooter coat/field jacket at bottom of post, Moschino sneak out some surprisingly low-key bits amongst the statements and the humour. They're often a trifle obsessed with a blend of trad-Brit and Brit-street style, viewed through their Italian/Franco Moschino prism. Can look like ultra-Brit with cartoon-villain edge.  The show mixes Moschino Love and mainline. Lord Gilchrist styles this show FYI.

Two things am gonna do: ask Stretch for his review of some of these Love bits, and also his memory post-card from the sample sale days. (Actually just did it, honest). Also, might try and channel a bit of Brit-Prism Mosch' verve today. Stand back please. The Mac with the hands stays in the Juergen Teller* mind. Below I present the Moschino rub: Street style with sartorial attitude all from AW12 collections. Where else do ya get that I ask you?

Think I might stop rubbing now. Interviewing Mr. Hare later. I bet he likes the rub. Taking it to him in Donegal matching set, my h'bone and my Millers weigh a ton. Relatively speaking, of course.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.


PS. Might dig the Mosch' Mac with Mickey's hands on out for a review. What you say?

PPS. Squirrels 0 Stubbs 4

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