Applying for exemption of posting for Saturday if that's okay with you lot. Inadvertently re-opened account at Vogue Fabrics (click) on Friday night after West End visit to La Baron. Was invited by Baroness and her pals, so went after they'd eaten. La Baron (click), which is supposed to be something special in Paris, was full young, rich idiots. Utterly horrid. That's Mayfair for ya. Aborted and headed in silent Addison Prius (hate those)to Dalston's celebrated night spot, V.Fabrics. Took a pal. Was actually exactly what ya'd want from your underground subversive nightclub. 'Miss Fire Island' it was called. Was actually proud of Lyall he was putting on such a strong host-show...unitard, waxed moustache, Brando in 'The Wild Ones' peaked cap, a black sling-back, you know...  NYC's Fire Island DJ's Lina Bradford and Josh Sparber were playing and the ensuing scene was most 'convincing'. That's all am at liberty to say.

Woke up spangled but still had to secure dresses and heels for JWs video shoot in the evening. Although had a bag of Jimmy Choos heels and a bag of dresses, still meant had to go Top Shop for back up frocks just in case. Almost a cross dressing weekend. Except I wasn't. Video shoot, long and cold. Poor, cold, leg model.  Video will be good and will get posted at some point. Might shoot and post the Choos if camera can find itself again. Gotta love a bag of heels. Just like the old days. Nothing interests girls more than a bag of designer heels in my experience. Got some mens Choo's that am considering for self. Boots: A new direction. Not drag mind. More later.

Stubbs out.

Miss Lina Bradford and crew consider dress code stipulations.

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