Taking care of business, minding my own business, minding other peoples style business, and I stumble, almost randomly (but not) upon this: Chester Barrie AW12. How devastatingly suave is that? You know who's behind the new CB look of course? None other that tailoring legend (and close personal friend) Sir Edward Sexton. That mannequin even looks like Edward.

Look at it. That cut is brilliant. Slightly rope shoulders, delightfully rolled lapel, neat compression of waist. All for about £800 or so. Think on my style merchant, think on. Gonna go and try some on this week at Chester Barrie HQ (click). This is RTW with a simmering debonair attitude mixed with tailoring savvy. More than be said for so many Row stalwarts, no? G'wan man like Edward.. Going to visit him next week too, in time for The Baroness's wedding. She's marrying the journalist formally known as Prince. In inner circle now call him Ampersand.

The look above is SS12 FYI. Nice, isn't it? Gonna proper champion the Chester Barrie if its anything like as good as it appears. Going for a test bash in Bazza's place today, and then right back at ya with the results. The collar with pin is so, so Edward. Love that stuff. Commissioning a couple shirts more like that myself, also today from Nash Masood at Emmett on Jermyn. Also visiting the eminent Andre de Trichateau for a long overdue Style Stance. He's running things at Thomas Pink on Jermyn currently

Stubbs out.

PS. You know what TCB refers to, right (click)?

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