Significant that it's so often the little things that make all the difference to how we feel. This perhaps highlights the fact that much of what makes us high or low is largely immaterial to the bigger picture. Maybe I should only talk about my experiences. This small tea towel literally is a little thing. Its far smaller than normal ones. It came in a pack of three, with green and blue versions, and was a quid.

I got it by accident when I was buying squirrel/bird/cat seed. It is the perfect size to work as a handle-towel to take slightly antiquated (non) whistling Alessi kettle (not a watch) off the hob*. Its perfect in its unassumingness, honesty and traditional values. It's diminutive size makes is special. Found self glancing at it on occasion, appears to make me happy/content with the world. The kettle handling-world at least. This is of course ridiculous. Other items on the French hooks down the hall are grander and vaunted objects by far, but these little cloths strike a chord.

Conversely the shoe lace that breaks when you bend down to tie it can feel like a really bad thing. Like you're loosing control of that scene. That your shoe lace has broken, and you're now in reduced circumstance and its your fault somehow. This is 'Broken Shoelace Syndrome'. Am going to consider items of style and fashion that make one feel good/bad that are of low/high value and compare. I had a list. Its gone. This is verging on a bad thing, but ignoring. Think always having kitchen towels to hand was one, but arent all kitchen cloth based, surely.

Meanwhile am erecting shelves again, hence lack of comprehensive imagery in this post. Rubbing down metal runners to remove rust and then painting white was nothing like what I had in mind for 'Good' Friday. Could be worse. While getting paint and emery cloth, saw a woman dragging a massive cross into Church on the Lower Clapton Road. It could have done with a rub down for sure. No one helped her either. Can you believe it?

Again the issue of  decorating attire arose. Current DIY outfit is white CP jogger bottoms. Yes, white. Black Calvin tee shirt from cellar and Nike Marathons. Keep it locked on for updates to his actual post as an when. Images will happen.

Stubbs out/in DIY full swing.

Note. Images are being inserted after the post was completed. Who cares you might ask. Valid point, I'd concur.

*this is of course how Kettle gets used for watch, right? Fob watch.