Thinking about what chronographs and sports watches mean to wear. Met the Duchess of Dundee for watch power lunch at Daluanay yesterday. That place is smart. Omelette Gordon Bennett, who'd have thought it? Now life is all about chrono-semiotics. Well, editorial lists are at least. This is the Zenith Blue Premero chrono that I saw in Basel. Like that blue. Great open dial look, fine white incriminations, plain barton markers. Really wish hadn't lost that nail varnish while away, works for business scenarios so well, no? Meanwhile lost the morning to Apple. Hate them for that. Really hate them.

Been told must move from MobileMe to iCloud or bad things will happen. Also instructed to upgrade my Snow Leopard operating system to Lion though, obviously. Gave them dollars and time. Flipped the thing over this morning while talking with the Madre. Return to the Mac to find now it no longer wants to work with Word and all my old Office 2004 stuff. You scumbags. Why didn't someone mention that possibility?Freaked out and melted down on line for a bit. While the whole thing fannied about downloading my essential new shite, went down cellar and did things as far removed from systems upgrades imaginable. Like sifting through boxes of buttons, semi-prestiege ballpoints and watch straps, Stone Island badges and a dozen different continental plug adaptors, almost exhausted scented candles and bags of bags. Edited a hundred luxury shopping bags that inadvertently accrued without noticing. Thankful for ridiculous to do list to refer back to in techno-melt: Cellar boxes edited - tick.

Now on a thirty day trial of Word. Not keen on the new Word. Was happy with the old Word. This isn't fashion, this is forced perpetual consumption.

This however is the new Speedmaster Chronograph from Omega. This limited edition is called 'First Omega In Space' after one worn by Wally Schirra, astronaut, on 8 missions orbiting the earth.  The Speedmaster watch passed all the tests required allowing it entry into NASAs space program, so that was that. It's based on one from 1962 which was then smaller at 31mm. This is 39.7mm. They've done something different with the lugs but can't remember what. Gonna speak to my people at both Zenith and Omega and get proper images. Quite like the make-shift skew-whiff ones though as it goes. They're the opposite of a Mac Lion upgrade. They're not even Snow Squirrel 2.0.

Stubbs out.

NB. Squirrels 0. Stubbs 2..ahem

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