A week today and one of the most sartorially charged marriages of the last decade is going to happen. Baroness Mingay is to wed the journalist formerly (and latterly) known as Prince*. With the number of tailors and menswear luminaries in attendance its gonna be more like The Magnificent Seven than Matrimonio all'italiana**, but this picture's got a bit of a feel about it, no?

Planning to broadcast almost live from the event and bring you a septet of Style Stances. The sheer gravity of the situation is tangible on a number of levels, not least stylistically. Gotta leg it now, off to shoot with the TV fella then onward to something Rhianna's doing with Henry Holland. Another marriage? Well, sort of, perhaps more of a mid-term critique of their show thus far, with some canapés, but I imagine its a lot like a marriage could be. Did I mention the show? No? Speak later...

Stubbs out.

* Now frequently referred to simply as Ampersand

**Marriage Italian Style (click)

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