There's been some complaints about the lack of Style Stances from the Mingay/Prince wedding bash. Listen Ferragamo, it was a real shame the Flip-cam failed. All attempts to revive it were in vain. I gave it a few hours and nothing. Nothing. On returning some 48 hours later it was charged. Spooky, I realise, but it's what happened. It's a bit much to give me a hard time, Bryan. I was dead gutted myself. To make up for it, am gonna approach the seven tailors/style mongers to do Style Stances on their own turf, see? In the meantime gonna post still from the do. Look, here's me with a Channel clutch. Or in fashion parlance a Mutch.

I was actually at the wedding as guest, not solely a style arbiter, so cut me some slack B.F. Do love a suit and a clutch. Always wanted to do that shoot with a right hard man and a series of clutch bags, call it 'Man Bags'. Robert Carlyle was bang up for it at the time. Anyway, love the Channel clutch. Embossed/quilted. Almost butterscotch, but not quite. Went with scheme, went with rose. Was pleased with my rose, dusty pink it was, but can't see it, hence a second shot below. Edward was saying something in Cockney, hence the expression.

Just look what Sexton is busting for Christ's sake! Does not get better than that. Look at his little flower. Also rubbishes that rule about not doing three piece jacket up. Am gonna stop saying that. Is daft. More to come, but gonna take my back frustrations out down the Lido, or not as the case may be, plus we need a little look for The Royal Albert Hall on Friday. How do you get to the Royal Albert Hall?

Stubbs out.