Was trying to write about shoes, but had the sparks round to look at the hall lighting scene. Which is just fine. Not these shoes mind, but they are worth looking at. They're by Car Shoe, AW12. Think Car Shoe has sneaked ahead of Tod's on the creative driving shoe verve for a season. Tod's have done other nice stuff,  but the Gommino remains static. This shoe is in 'Bright' calf. A bit like cordovan, but not. Means is dead supple and takes the colour well, am thinking. It's very dark green. NB.There are other green shoes a foot at mo'.

Blow me they've done a few. That's a winning strategy right there. Highly grained, an antique burnish, and fringe. Woah. So, so Corbett circa '87.

Loving this shit: Would have pounced on these guys below a few years ago. Afraid might be trifle long in the canine for them now. Shame.

Car Shoe have done their New Bond Street shop up all nice and smart now, see below. Okay, off to GQ- Shanghai Tadger lunch at Corinthia. Bobby Johnston is hostin' it so don't wanna be late. Don't no whether do don Donegal or to break out the Orlebars...

Stubbs out.