Shooting three actors today wearing strictly Burberry. Not the shoes however. No. Shoes ain't Burbs strong point, so the shoes will be by Church's or Grenson, both with double Brit-strong shoe cred. Yes, it's Church's vs Grenson in the Burberry-for-Glamour magazine Brit-footwear play off. Some of you will be aware exactly how British each brand is these days. Does it bother anyone if an Italian heritage brand happens to own and control a British one? Don't think so, especially if they've sorted Church's (click) right out. At least they're not all owned by Germans. (Am kidding, Florian, you know that). This pair of brogues is by Grenson (click), who are owned by me and my pals who bought the whole company in a whip-round in a pub in Bermondsey back in the early Ninties for £750.

Am messing with yas again, we don't own shite. These below five are by Church's. Oooh, the colour and the burnish is lovely, courtesy of Prada think tank, surely.

Wing tip by Grenson again, nice.

And back to Church's again, this time in satanic possession formation. Smashing stuff, bravo.

And finally, what do you reckon to the Grensons by Mr. Noisy collab? It's proper hurting it, no?

Too, too 'focused' to do anything more coherent about this right now, so won't. Will report in with final scores tomorrow. Ciao/Cheerio.

Stubbs out.