It's all anyone is talking about round my drum: I just can't get enough Max Reinhardt. Not to be confused with the American/Austrian theatre director of same name who died before the end of WWII, but the music presenter/DJ/curator Reinhardt who does Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 , rather aptly, late at night. Well, relatively late (click). Frankly am spellbound/addicted*.

Nouveau Max Reinhardt: does hats.

Max plays all sorts of music, but it's defined by the fact that it's all very good, unusual and evocative gear. If you don't like quite varied music or really old, mad stuff, might not be for you. But if you fancy something different, give Max on Late Junction a whirl. His low key commentary is proper too, the man's obviously fully immersed in his stuff. I heart Max. Did I mention that? He nearly always wears a hat, even while broadcasting.

Wednesday night was particularly good, (click for breakdown), notable particularly for Samuel Yirga's 'Nou Se Soleil/I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' (click for iplayer thing) and The Bethel Quarter's 'Walk Through The Valley In Peace' (blues/gospel from 1925). The Roy Ayres cover set off a whole chain of euphoric musical excitement that almost certainly caused Fridays exuberant Masters At Work recall/dance session and late night contacting of my very own Black Cod of the Sun, who digs that tune as much as anyone. This in turn has almost certainly contributed to the temporal (I hope) lower back paralysis that has derailed my day/running schedule. Had to call for back up from the kitchen floor. Was minding my business, stood on the table polishing my Berluti coasters. Then..whack. Quite bad. Mr. Sheen, Jay-cloth and coasters strewn -self prone for an age on tiles. No more samba for me this bank holiday.

Old Max Reinhardt: does double-breasted E.Tautz.

Regardless, if you fancy something stimulating and leftfield to rinse your brain out, 'Check out' as they say, Fairview Jubilee Singers 'Didn't It Rain' and Asha Bhosle's aptly named 'Ina Mina Dika' from Thursday 's session (click), but pull ya finger out as this stuff don't stay up much longer.

Stubbs spellbound/housebound.

*frequently similar sensation/process of acting-out. It might be the third batch of Neurophen/Co-codamol/khaluo cocktail kicking in, but talking of Spellbound, anyone fancy some Siouxsie and The Banshees? I've been crawling round like a weird cat today too. Am also a full advocate of Siouxsie's elbow based dance towards end. Brava. Think can even manage it sitting down...