Style&Error comes live from The Daily Telegraph today, so it'd be awfully good of you if you went and bought it. Sir Jackie Stewart on legendary tailor Doug Hayward and watches, Daytona chic, Amir Khan on ice, Jack Heuer's birthday cake/watch.

Spoke to Sir Jackie earlier in week about his look, and red leather Mac's aside he talked about his hat and stuff, “My racing career ran from the Sixties through to the Seventies, so the long hair, the black cap and the big sunglasses was my look. The ‘Jackie Stewart’ cap was cord and actually made in New Zealand. It was a look- but I didn’t create it. It was of the times.

When you come out of an F1 car you’re drenched in perspiration, so I would shove the hair back and put on the cap. It became a symbolic thing I wore, along with the long hair, very much of the time, along with the Beatles and the Stones”

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PS. Him off the Telly in on the cover of Buzz magazine wearing Spencer Hart and chester Barrie inside. I'm pleased, he's not.