-Mayor receives caution for flagrant, double-aggravated hosiery misconduct this morning-

A deeply regretful incident as Style&Error thoroughly applauds avant garde running stances, particularly on public figures. Bo-Jo's look has a visceral feel like a young Beavis vs. an ageing David Soul (young to google Starsky&Hutch- in fact just click). Full marks to Mayor Johnson for channelling this season's Asian street fusion, with authentic Thai boxing shorts teamed with most credible Asics 'Gel-Kinsei' support runners, (looks like edition II or III, but a proper affair-for a slight pronation perhaps). Meanwhile, the child's fleece and 'conscious slogan' tee shirt can be allowed on grounds of a busy weekend celebrations/being posh-autty, but that does not excuse the horror below the knee. Grey or black or any smart-wear sock colour in a sports context is an instant bookable offence at the best of times, but to maliciously mismatch is asking for a early bath. Johnson only stays on for his Thai shorts and Asics. Okay, act the fool on the morning run Bozza, but don't dress like a office-clown at the ankle Boris, you massive sports-pillock: You're making the electorate look like bigger jokers than they already do.

Name taken.

Stubbs out.