..didn't happen today. Rather luckily I have to concede as despite the nice people at The Daily Telegraph putting Style & Error's address on my page on watch style, I failed to do anything pithy, pertinent or poignant specially for my new Telegraph reader guys - that never came. I flopped mainly cos not stopped working/doing stuff all week for a moment, today, last night, now, tomorrow. No tale of woe here however, I like it, I think, because it erases guilt. The bi-product is it erases creativity/flair on S&E a trifle. Currently heading to Manchester for Soccer Aid that is on Sunday.

Today we were at the o2-Millennium-Contact-Lense for the beginning of the telly programme again, oh yes. This my TV wifey, Exley, who does Him Off The Telly's grooming. Our Body Guard, Geordie Dave, was also there. I might interview him as his version of what invading The Falkland Islands was like is riveting stuff. Meanwhile, I was also transfixed by this bloke's hair: A Fade/pony-tail Afro fusion. It actually works cause he's good looking and young but is still quite mad.

Talking of madness and hair and May, hope to do something on Nuts In May for tomorrow. Not promising ought (?) though. That's who they talk in thou North, right?

Stubbs owt.

PS. Got that off Bryan. Thanks old chap.

PPS. Putting the Omega Z33 Seventies inspired digital watch up because it's quite interesting and is reminiscent of the Dome, sorry Lense.