Mr.Bobby's GQ lunch with Shanghai Tang at the Corinthia Hotel was very good fun indeed. It was bound to be with a host like Bob in a pincer movement with the journalist known as Prince, also from GQ. Assembled was Mr.Hare, Mr.Hudson, Mr.Grant, Miss Lou Dalton, Mr.Walker-Smith, young Charlie Casely-Hayford and a couple of other style bods. We were gathered to celebrate the Mandarin Collar Society with Shanghai Tang (click), Bobby even wearing one to great effect. Not sure if the rest of us will be able to pull it off with such aplomb.

Security was more 'pragmatic' than tight outside the Corinthia Hotel yesterday.

-Regatta blazer by Gieves FYI. Think shirt works very well like that, but it's difficult to see how might in other scenarios. Like, other than hosting a lunch to celebrate the Mandarin collar, know what I mean? Certain fellas can do it, but needs to be functioning on a different, international level. John Barnes, MOTD circa '92 for example. Still, nice to 'raise awareness' I suppose. Nice to have a bit of a giggle at lunchtime too.

It was moments like these that Gregory so wished he had real hands.

Met this bloke  (with Bobby above)  who had a mysteriously long coat on, almost in the manner of Lord Valdermatey out of the Danny Potter films. Know what I mean? It was a look with impact. Elegant. Unusual. Did a Style Stance with him later on the Embankment. Would put it up, but some of you lot just do straight abuse and it puts people off ever doing Stances. That's buggered it right up to be honest, so might not even post. Meanwhile, Charlie Casely-Hayford, a young person, looked good in father's Casely-Hayford line outerwear.

Best smart deployment of a Doctor Martin-esque boot seen in this particular 'coming', (must be the fifth 'coming' by now). Used to call ours Martin's BTW. Mar'ins, if pronounced right, not proudly D.M.s, as people imagine.

I wore me new Rake dark airforce blue double-breasted light flannel suit, pink shirt, vintage Hermes tie and co-respondent Ferragamos. Got a picture, but is a trifle too DIY. Getting on with 'work' now and shall consider releasing the Style Stance good behaviour pending. Seriously though, I plan to do more of those on here and direct abuse from bods is just gonna get spammed. Right spam heads? Below is Mr.Hudson, in Hardy Amies.

Stubbs out.

PS. This is a shoe cluster, l-r, David Walker Smith in Prada, I think, Stubbs in Ferragamo, I know, Dr.Hare in Mr.Hare, natch.