Saturdays drive from Clapton to Knightsbridge was madly exhilarating. There's nothing like over doing the pre-match prep and leaving it double tight to make it without pushing things and getting lucky too. Roof off, on-the-edge route planning, secret back-streets, little traffic and much speed on the first summery evening of the year conspired with a backdrop of Stevie - Music of My Mind (click) then Roxy's first album (click) to produce a racy, stylish adrenaline high. Park Lane is a like a race track sometimes, everyone drives flat out nose to nose. Very exciting for a legal and apparently sanctioned buzz. Pulled up outside the The Berkley with the last bars of Virginia Plain ringing out (click) feeling really quite high indeed. Warhol was bang on about this. It's so often the journey that is the best bit.

So went for DB Ferragamo in leu of a blazer, Uniqlo stone jeans, and Sergio Rossi nautically knotted loafers. Sailing knot detail was tongue in cheek mind, made me smirk if not the sailing lot. Added a bit of gold to the tie proceedings to avert straightness and increase the already ranking D.Trotter quotient. They were a double straight lot at the Yacht club, as expected. The newly wed Baroness and pals were in marvellous spirits and acted as a foil. Clubs are odd places, even if they do overlook Hyde Park.

This is a bit of gold trophy that was on our table, my dining companion, non-sailing type, put it on her head FA Cup style shortly after. The cup was first given in 1846 and was called 'Secret'. Didn't find out what it means though, as when the yachties started singing in teams, (a stylistic cross between Christmas carols and sea shanties delivered with the listless energy of a choir-based detention in comprehensive school slow stream), I was compelled to leave. Sorry if too early Baroness darlink.

Stance sign off: Tie is Burberry, shirt is Emmett and the collar is supposed to stand clear like that. Another non-yacht club anti-straightening device. Gold t necklace by Toby McLellan, personal order. As reader Beau pointed out a club/regimental tie would have been too, too on brand, but do not possess such a thing so was safe from conformist error.

The journey out and bus retrieval of the Saab from Knightsbridge today was less of an adrenaline buzz than entry to the scene. Not sure what to take from that experience wise. Might refer back to Andy on this one. He loved a blazer and regimental tie, right?

Stubbs out.

PS. Warhol avidly wore Brookes Bros. striped club ties. Mr.Porter have done something on this matter (click)