Went to see my shirtmaker on Friday. Emmett on Jermyn Street. Dropped in orders for three new challenging collar/colour contrivances to keep things lively in the sartorial arena. Ringing the changes with longer, more closed, contrast options, holes for American pins...that sort of thing. Would be simply frightful to stand still while every joker copied Gary Barlow off the telly, don't ya think? Naturally you'll see them when they arrive.

Meanwhile, my shirt creator is keeping a low profile on S&E, as he has a couple of plans up his cocktail cuffs. However I implored him to let me at least take a short of the wide lapel tonal/textural colour quotient he was running down The Jermyn.

He's a connoisseur of Seventies sports jackets, this one is almost like a furnishing fabric, with contrast slubs. Teamed with almost marl cotton shirt and wooly cappuccino coloured wool tie featuring double dimple, I vouch there was nothing this potent kicking off for hundreds of metres around, including much of nearby Bond Street. More style-stuff later.

Stubbs out.