Burberry/thespian shoot went well yesterday bar the odd diktat from above sent to nause us, and am gonna mention shortly, however also interviewed Sir Jackie Stewart about watches and style and now need to transcribe that for The Telegraph thing. Supposed to be brief banter but 28 mins later and we were still rolling. Sir Jackie is a Hayward and Rolex guy.

"I'm tellin' ya Emerson: it's all about corduroy and Glen-check now pal.."

Something stopped me from doing it last night. Managed the title then began nodding like a tackle-head on Giro-day. Transcription elephant tranquilliser ruined my DVD roster too. Don't really watch DVDs I hire. Get them out more as a gesture to the blokes who work down Close Up DVD shop. Never gonna watch them. Never gonna watch them...I digress, yeah, will post  Sir Jackie's style comments once extracted from my dictaphone.

Stubbs out.