You know we were talking bout T.C.B the other day, yeah? Well we were, see (click), well this business card is worth talking about. It's the business card of the Managing Director of  Urban Cottaging* Industries up North that do all that old fashioned lighting that was going on about (click). A box of bits I ordered from them arrived, and double exciting it was too.

The wrapping was dead wholesome, practical, very stylish, and 100% recyclable. It's like they've got the Austerity Chic thing down pat. Look, this is the other side of her card. Don't all go and email, will you chaps? Anyway, I appear to be nodding off intermittently from fatigue.. tres austere, but not good for quality control. Nodded off in the osteopath today too.

I  notice Urban Cottaging Industries motto is United We Stand. Do you remember what Harry Flowers** always says? No, the other thing? That the thing he always says? 'United We Stand...'

Anyway, getting new business cards myself. Been doing mood boards for them and everything, haven't I? Don't think am gonna go up the recycling route though as it goes. Be interesting to get your card embossed and stamped but print it on recycled cereal box card. Not gonna do it though. Leave that up to Northern factory outfitters. Big shout out to the Urban Cottage Massive. Loving your work.

You lot want to do some luxury mens style then? Course you do, you shallow, materialist buggers. Okay, give me twenty for hours.. Out with him of the telly today, Royal Albert Hall later. God knows why. Then, then, we do luxury. All this austere packaging really takes it out of one. Let's resume later.

Stubbs out.

*sorry, was making me laugh too much. It's a hang up from a men's fashion/retail background. 'Cottaging' comes up a lot. Never been myself you understand.

** From the film Performance (click)