"I feel the need. The need for tweed.." says Lord Gilbert Hartlip to Sir Randolph Nettleby in The Shooting Party (click). I so, so hate to mention the weather, but despite being May, felt need for a bit of Donegal tweed two-piece Kilgour action when visited Burberry HQ yesterday on Horseferry Road*. Burberry's AW12 collection has re-contexturlised tweed in one move. Suddenly young fashion bods are very interested in herringbone and Donegal, materials with visible trad-Brit textures and all that**. Awfully good to know, as prepping shoot for Glamour magazine. Three British Actors in Burberry. What could be more agreeable?

Burberry team had prepped a little room full of gear that could pull, both Prosum and London collections. Mainline Prosum is really very strong for AW12,  but samples seem double, double small. I can barely get it on. Wonder if the actors can method their way into the gear?

Got a small squad of trench coats too, obviously, but they're from London line and not in the runway show. In the shop on Bond Street found a inky-dark blue leather one. Leather trenches are gonna be a thing. Trust me. This isn't a trench below, obviously, but its quite good though, no? If I was an actor, reckon would be quite pleased with it.

Thats enough now I reckon. What is notable is my Kilgour suit is completely different looking to this new gear. Longer coat, more relaxed pants and that, a different method entirely. Thought would mention.

Also thought would mention my flagrant importation of DAKS into the Burberry strong hold. Also the photo id they have dates back to 2008. Didn't realise last few years have taken such a toll. Gulp.

Let ya know how it goes with the luvvies. Sure will be a right old Brit-hoot.

Stubbs out.

*My route from Clapton was off the hook savvy, trust me. Double bridge flex? Oh fuck yes: Shoreditch, Bishopsgate, London bridge, Lambeth bridge, Smith Square and bowling with my brolly in 35mins flat. Done. Roof off, Donegal out, Tautz herringbone flying in the wind. If only everything was this...

**Not so much the green/brown sludgy gear those mugs on the Tweed Run wear. God they're are proper mugs, aren't they? Spare us.