It's the mayoral elections here in The Metropolis today. I know who I'm voting for. The Mingay-Prince party. Starts at 5pm at The Chelsea Physic garden*. It's gonna be regi-mental I'm anticipating. Baroness Mingay is to wed The Journalist formerly/latterly known as Prince. The reverberations are already being felt in fashion and luxury events all over the city, such is the nature of this power-wedding. Trust me, it's a biggy on many levels, but particularly style.

The Baroness, later today.

I plan to Style Stance seven of the eminent men of menswear gathered in the gardens. They will become known in the future as Mingay's Seven. Ampersand**, Sexton, Brandelli, Thom Sweeney, Massey, loads of the GQ massive, Esquires bods (although not in the same bit), the list of key style merchants is long.

Also in the Physic Garden will be the style merchant above, Sir Hans Sloane, the man who invented Sloane Square. Previous to that he discovered chocolate and Range Rovers. Oh yes, and he founded the British Museum. He was a collector, Doctor to the Royals and all round pretty special guy. Although dead, this statue stands in the Physic Garden where we'll be twisting the night away later.

Hans looks good in his regalia, shame about the pigeon. Takes the edge off a bit. I don't believe in tailored coats anymore this season since that really hot spell back in March. Takes the edge off the suit. Gonna chance it in Thom Sweeney hopsack three piece I think. Just looked at the forecast. Not great. Maybe not then. Hate that. Had interesting conversation with someone last night about the prospect of bare legs. American Tan tights came up. Hate those. What is the male equivalent of A.T. tights for a man? This is a serious question. It's gotta be something war-time, a drab equivalent of an old Italian wifey-type woman who would wear them with all black. So what is then? It might just be essence of TCP. Old men love that shit. Or perhaps it's a square-toed shoe? I digress. Gonna stick some style images in this bit just here...(might have to wait mind, still on deadline for Telegraph, priorities and that).

Off to vote in the other thing now. What does one wear to that? They've put the station somewhere quite lively North of The Clapton roundabout one notes. Maybe the Moncleur marl track bottoms are the right mood. Double marl? Triple marl anyone? Simply awful if one spoilt ones ballot cos had wrong look on, no?

Stubbs out.

PS. Just noticed that most of Daytona post had gone from yesterday. Found it again and stuck it back up, but how long was it in that state? Quite a worry. Quite bad. Go back and look if you missed it, as thought was quite good.

* Civilians N.F.I.

** Prince's current alias.