Meeting Edward Sexton at Chester Barrie this morning to have a pre - Q&A meeting: A pre-banter if you will. It's a big meet at Chester Barrie HQ, as it's Edward and I in conversation on Friday after during the Savile Row Open House event at London Collections:Men. Gulp. Been writing pertinent Sexton tailoring questions all morning.

At the moment my favourite Q is 'When you had John, Paul, Elton* and Mick all coming in and out all the time, how many fittings did they do per suit, what with being dead busy and that?' Edward often does five and six to get stuff right, see, proper couture style. More importantly, wanna ask what were their Polari nick-names?

Gotta go, but will update with all matters Row, and defo some more on Chester Barrie's new collections such as the look above. Did I mention that I rate it? Well I do.

Stubbs 'off out down the Row'*

* That naughty Mr. John was/is the worst for the nick-names apparently.

**as no doubt they used to say down Tommy Nutter's to everyone who bowled in.