Hello again style maniacs. Thank you for the touching messages. Although feeling the loss The Stubbs's remain upstanding. No time to dwell right now however, as the countdown to this week's much bantered-about London Collections : Men (click) is double-on. Other than doing fash-journo stuff, am on duty working with Nick on the styling for his Spencer Hart show. The location is the Selfridges hotel, currently derelict-ish, behind the big ol' shop. Who wouldn't want to put on a show here I ask? It's gonna be one of the most memorable style-spectacles on the schedule. Granted I would say that, but it's true.

Got a couple of other things want to run past you, most exciting is the Edward Sexton Q&A am doing in Chester Barrie on Savile Row at 4pm on Friday, just before me other gig, hash-tag high tension. Anything with Edward in is gonna be worth listening too on an historical and sartorial level. Of course I would say that, but it's double true.

Stubbs out