Here in London, giddy London, is it home of the free, or what? Felt a bit more like it yesterday. Bowling around, sometimes with my little film/stills crew for The Rake. Filming guys, asking questions, looking at stuff, doing fashion stuff. It felt like the thing again. Loads of quality Gandy-time too. Eggs Ben' together, quite a treat as we're always busy, really busy, busy busy.. ..which is why not gonna bang on at length. Jonathan Saunders menswear was presented in a special studio used for painting massive theatre backdrops. There was paint on the walls. His signature colour and pattern everywhere. His tailoring was striking, most notable were printed pinstripes, not constructed.

He delivered a mens take on his graphic ethos, some of it more palatable than others. People were saying was Thin White Duke inspired, but surely its the Man Who Fell? Did an interview. Hope it came over well, he is very, very focused on what he's about.

At MAN, Sam & Agi was colourful coherent summer madness. Cannot really articulate a review now, been on the phone to me Mum.

After his first runway show, I interviewed Mr. Start. Mr.Start was Mr.Focused on delivering affordable yet pretty damn engaging tailoring for men that visit his East London shop.  This was my favourite look from his show. Made to order for about £850. Pretty good, no?

'fraid am just so busy. Really busy, to go back to the home of the brash, outrageous and free..

Stubbs out.

PS. Had a little dance about last night. Not at Tinie Tempah's do. No. Here's a couple of my moves though (click)

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