Got loads on, it's late at night, so think I'll start bidding on these guys. Why not, when the alternative is writing Sexton script (he won't need one and I won't speak much) something about corporate-shoe drinking or a far, far more serious document draft that cannot possibly approach at this hour? Meanwhile, the guys below are Hawks Eye mineral stone with that special gold thats made out of silver. The style of stone-link are called grandees and they're just the wrist diversion I've been looking for.

The second pair are made in Leopard Spot Jasper with the same exotic compound metal. Sumptuos stuff eh? Am right into this sort of styling at mo'. Want to get a watch along the same lines. A Cartier de Must. Or Must de Cartier. Either one. Reminds me, must decide what am doing with the leaking roof on the Saab, currently full of water in really odd manner. Although a potentially ghetto ride, must not to be confused with Ill Manors, a different thing altogether.

Shall update with a plan B as and when it happens, until then,

Stubbs out.