The inaugural London Collections Colon Men begins this morning. First day, first show, first exit at 10am is Lou Dalton at the Hospital Club. Got a couple of things do besides watch shows and banter, so not even gonna try and keep up with the posting in manner of live news feed. Am not actually a blogger you see, not really. Finished looks were being put together at Hart HQ late last night and the thing is tight. That kicks off at 5pm. Before that Sexton and I do our Q&A at Chester Barrie the Row at four. Gulp. Saw Edward yesterday for final briefing.

Old school doesn't cover it. All we gotta do is stay on subject, and we should be fine. Double gulp. Meanwhile by complete sartorial contrast we were keeping it almost monochrome at Spencer Hart. No tie shocker in line up- that's an exclusive for ya. There will be other neck things however.

Talking of ties, gotta put together look with new Thom Sweeney number. This could take a while. See you on the other side.

Stubbs out.

PS. Bryan Ferragamo in disguise plans to disrupt proceedings, however I am ready for him, the snide so and so - it's gonna be like a fashion remake of Day Of The Jekyll.