One whole day of style posturing before LC:M kicks right off in our faces. For me London Collections: Mental will be mad exhilarating on day one particularly, as doing the Sexton Q&A live from the top of the post box on the corner of The Row, followed literally minutes later by the Spencer Hart runway spectacle in Selfridges Hotel. Gonna get a motorbike courier to whisk me round- asked for a side car to minimise creasing.

For Spencer Hart, am acting a Style Counsellor for Nick and crew. We're doing a run through today. The hat above may or may not appear in the show. Couldn't possible say at this stage. I also cannot rule out mime at this stage. Today am also visiting the house of Sexton for a final brief and Thom Sweeney to pick up my new whistle, which really is mental I have to say. Countdown to LC:M starts now, 24 hrs to 9am tomorrow. I've heard that my arch nemesis, Bryan Ferragamo, is be attending the Sexton Q&A at Chester Barrie. We've not met since Autumn in Paris. Something will happen.

Stay tuned style mentalists.

Stubbs out.

PS. Maybe Dave should have stayed with the mime thing. Think we could really have mad a go of it, put mime back on the map, where it belongs.