...thats Saturday to you English speakers, yeah? Madly buoyant out here, can't think why. Forget the running order, lets deal with the best stuff first. Dolce&Gabbana played their Sicilian card big time yesterday with a whole street casting done from villages in Sicily, young 'ens abound, and a little band playing mouth harps and accordions at the back. Don't be distracted by the models- although was a master stroke, trust me- the story of light semi-dressy style was double relevant to mens future.


The importance of tailored pants, high waists and pleats even on shorts-translates to trousers in the real world. Leisure knits, stripes as a mannish statement or slightly fancy shirts are take-aways for real stylers. The tailoring was super light and easy and am going back to see it. The palate was harmonious, restrained and brilliant. Bravo fellas.

Granted these sleeves are mental, but roll with it..

Very good. Basta Dolce now, er, I liked Corneliani too.


..which probably means am old, but overtly high peaked lapels on a look in all one colour, say black, was something to note. Also furnishing-like slubby, grainy fabrics looks really fanciable-as predicted by me this year in HTSI.


"I would rather not go, back to the old house*", Jil has said, yet here she was, back at her old house. Some said she was referencing Raf referencing her. Post modern, no?

Narrowed, elongated double breasted with a shallow wrap, yeah? If you're not functioning with DB these days, what the hell do you think you're playing at. Its a thing damn it, particularly the new 1&1/2 breasted, right?

Frock coats for modernists? I think so. Bring it.


I always prefer Burbs in the winter, but this was worth seeing. Not mad keen on the colour, but makes for a show. Think Christopher was into MA1 flyers and metallic collegiate bomber over suits or something.

Gonna have to leggit now as me drivers outside smoking like a lunatic, bless him. I raised him from after liberation from an orphanage outside Turin. He's a good boy now Federico. Hardly does anything loony anymore. Drives an Audi and runs an opticians these days. Just drives me for the memories. Ah, the memories...shorts at the shows, dogs at the airport, everything..There's more to report you know. Stay tuned.

Stubbs out.

* Actually Mozza said that, not Jil. Jil probably wouldn't have said that, she's German you see. Would you look at this cheeky little fella that ran on near the end of Dolce. Gabbana's paper-boy he's know as.

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