Managed to miss most of the concert as was involved in a two man Country&Western do far from the street parties. So much royal prattle has been endlessly talked am gonna button it with the spleen venting, and might even find it in 'self to do a man-of-the-match Style Referee for Prince Charles at some point for actually turning self out like an English Prince type of fellow should. Not so much his sons Harry and William, who when in mufti persist in dressing like a couple of merry Tarquins home from Warrick Uni' for the long weekend. They had a smashing time regardless. Here we see the moment when they notice Gary Barlow crawling along the floor backwards in front of their mother in his specially devised Jubilee/OBE Moon-Scrape.

Did anyone see the 'concert'? Wow. The whole world had access if they wanted. Good job everyone thinks we're idiots already. Obla di, obla da, life goes on..

Sir Macca has got his already, but reckon there'll be quite a haul of decorations in light on this grovel fest. Fair enough, at least they're up front about it. It is interesting that 'Macca' seems an appropriate word to finish on.

Stubbs almost completely spleened out.

NB. Last night's casting for the part of Buttons in Panto' at Bournemouth's International Centre this December went to a draw.