Been meaning to have a look on the eBay at cufflinks ever since inadvertently washed my favourite ones on a 40 degree mixed bag cycle. They weren't particularly special on a quality level before I drowned them, but the mother of pearl and bronze sort of Art Nouveau style was charming. Quietly elegant and decorative while also modest and worn with age. Not so keen on ageing but do like a bit of modesty on occasion. It's interesting that there are so few stylish, palatable, clever or exciting cufflinks out there on the Bay or beyond.

Most of them are quite pony. No one seems to think "Right, what would make a stylish/attractive cufflink?" but instead opt to pursue ridiculous symbols or very literal references. Imagine actually selecting these to wear.

Nowhere else in men's style is 'creativity' or subject material quite so misdirected to such hilarious results. I've been gathering a collection to survey and critique and do a cufflink thing on here.

Until then, thought only fitting that we put some Jubilee links up for todays continued festival of the arcane. There's a set you could make from young Queen through old Queen. Am looking for the corpse/lying in state editions now. It's rather like "The Cufflinks of Dorian Gray/Elizabeth Ragina*", no?

Which Queen would you be wearing to your street party if you had the choice?

Stubbs out of the flaming Metropolis.

*I know, it's spelt wrong. Should have seen what wanted to put.