Heaven forbid Sexton and I should appear to be in cahoots for the Savile Row Open House (click) sit-down yesterday, but we did turn up in matching looks. Like a Savile-Ceremony of sorts, comical or sinister, you decide, but blue double-breasted suits and roll-necks were the thing on a wet Row yesterday morning, down the Chester Barrie end at least. This is how we roll.

I left my gaff in a hurry and inadvertently debuted a pair of Louis suede boots without meaning to. Not a hundred percent about that look as yet, might have to give 'self yellow card at some point. Sexton is in Sexton, naturally, and I'm in a Rake RAF blue flannel unstructured number. Who'd have thought we'd be breaking out the roll necks in June?

After a bit of stool based art direction (we are to appear on stools), and some liaison on what this whole caper is about, we picked out six or so Chester Barrie/Sexton looks to present at Fridays sartorial show-and-tell. Writing the words bit today, Edward to fill in the gaps live, right. What could possibly be more straight forward? Making sure we don't turn up twinning, one would have thought perhaps.

Stubbs out.