There's a big flotilla on the Thames today for the Queens birthday. Wouldn't it be simply awful if it tipped down? This weekend one year ago the weather did its best to wash my little roof-top bash out of existence (click) and failed. My people were too resilient. Wonder if the same thing will happen today? How game are the thousands of red, white and blue jokers. One cannot help but think it would be amusing to see the flag-wankers get drenched. Note. This Jubilee cack is a defining moment for idiotdom.

Thinking about it, you can't really hold the whole privilege ridiculousness against the Queen and the Germanic/Greco nobs. That firm are only taking care of business. Its the position of the flag waving prols that you've really got to consider. One plus point is bunting is quite nice, and it is a shame our flag stands for so much cringingly embarrassing stuff. You could even allow the idea that people want to see a load of boats all at once and have a day out. There are better things to put your energies into, but some people are frighteningly stupid. However actively supporting the idea of a family who have been installed by god, placed above the rest of the people and still don't do anything constructive or creative is quite, quite mental. People aren't really thinking about it surely. If they are and they're still waving the flags, thats even worse. There's never gonna be a revolution, and not sure how would work if there was, but lets make the list anyway. Bring on the parade of wet pillocks.

As ever, Dave*, boys, take it away..

Stubbs out.

PS. Realise the song doesn't exactly fit, but couldn't find anything good called 'Rain like buggery on some old dears parade'

* Different Dave today. David Sylvian out of Japan.