I thought Hackett was gonna be dead good, and blow me if it wasn't dead good, especially when thinking how it makes London look on a proper menswear level. If I was Japanese or American, I reckon I'd be dead impressed too. This is a good thing. This shot isn't the best for clobber, but all could manage from row four. Will get some images of Style.Com- the Gatsby bits - and stick them up at some point. It looked like something very definitely stylish, manly, classic and British-except perhaps the American bits. Meanwhile, only got a half hour before back out at it. Survived the various additional excursions, now looking forward to being a normal, straight running journo'.

Other notable things were the Orlebar Brown shop opening, where saw the public debut of the soon-to-be-much bantered about on Style&Error- OB/Thom Sweeney swim-suit, see below.

At the shop apart from the inventor, Adam Brown, saw Daniel Marks of TCS wearing MR Roland Mouret-at least some of that collection went to a good home. Thought he looked super so shot him. Best show aside that was Oliver Spencer for loads of reasons. The clothes, the pace and the casting. Nice one Olly, gonna track you down and interview you today I think.

Apart from this shot from Oliver Spencer, just gonna post some fellas who looked good in blue. Blue was the colour of the day.

So just doing some shots of the boys for now: These ones are Thom Whiddett and Luke Sweeney.

This one is James Sherwood, the sartorial historian, looking proper in Sexton outside the Sexton Chester Barrie thing.

Below O'Leary, Gandy and Bilmes Editor of Esquire. Interviewed Gandy about his look. He is the wide pant champion of LC:M. Stay tuned

Stubbs out.

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