Went round Stretch's last night for supper. Naturally we talked about all sorts, but we also talked about gold. Go for gold we all said (including his wifey, Martha). There's actually a shop down Hatton's, Greville Street, called Go For Gold. Oh yes. Got a big old curb link bracelet from there from years ago. You can tell am supposed to be doing something else, yeah? Anyway, this jewellery below is in Dolce and it's new for them. Quite like it have to say, although not sure a St. Christopher cufflink is quite correct. They wouldn't lend it to me though, the rotters.

The cufflinks I do like are these ones below. Gold with sort of tiger's eye/tortoise shell/garnet looking stone. Didn't think to ask Stretch what they were when there - too busy eating massive cream cakes that brought round from Pateserie  Val' for off the hook dessert scene. The scene was off the monitors, never mind the hook, and we did the lot. Meanwhile on the monitors, Margiela had an onyx gold ring for £2.5k just loose on a plinth in the shop. Maybe they're all gonna go for gold after all?

Anyway, am shooting with Gandy on Monday and that's what all this stuff is for may I remind you. Dave's bringing his own Tom foolery, thank you Dave. Ahem.

Stubbs out.