Going up to Liverpool today on client manoeuvres: Special stylistic mission. Cant say much, but what I can reveal without prejudice is that Scousers bloody love a bit of style an' fashion. Going up on the train, the sun is out and want to drop something suitably upbeat- bring something to the fray, without dressing like Lionel Blair hosting a drama workshop for the hard-of-learning. With that in mind, what about a bit of Balmain (click) for the trip?

Of course its nearly always about a take on the chic military from the Balmain crew. They do naval so well too (click). In this case a slightly longer length blazer looks right, no? Like where this one fastens, slung low. Reckon could function, if had the dough. Gotta do something in amongst hoards of bum-freezer-sporting yuths, right. Also enjoying the jaunty-jungle safari story that's being channeled below. That jacket is well nice. Might have just Lionelled myself.

Safari could drop. Wonder how it ages? Chris Biggins is a good measure. Anyway, throwing something on while my train heaves onto Euston. Peter, do you mind filling for a spell?

Thanks awfully Bal-lads for that little prompt into a military smart-casual stance- you shall be channelled if not worn directly.

Stubbs is out of The Metropolis.